Cactus Stapelia 8″ Basket


Stapelia Cactus Basket 8″

This succulent is soft stemmed and has no thorns.  Foliage spreads out from a central point and is thickly skinned.   It can be quite the conversation piece once the flowers bloom during the summer months, producing gorgeous five-petaled flowers that exude an unusual odor.  Flowers range in color from solid burgundy, yellows, to multiple colors with intricate patterns.  Once blooming, this is when you must accept the smell, but you can move it outside if it becomes too fragrant.  If you have a fruit fly infestation or other pest, try moving your stinky plant to that area. The insects are drawn to the stench and will sit mesmerized on the flower unable to move.  Unlike true cactus, this plant requires regular watering.  Plant in well draining soil.

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