Choose From a large variety of plants for local delivery or curbside pickup from Cross Creek Nursery. Most of our plants grown locally at one of our three production farms. We carry a huge inventory of trees, shrubs, perennials, grasses, groundcover, and tropical plants. Check online to see what’s available before shopping in person or purchase material online. We update our online store with new products every week.

Choose plants from the following categories below:


Check out our huge selection of trees, many of which are grown locally at our Cross Creek production farm! With a variety of different sizes, we have the ideal tree for you. Looking for a long lasting, summer blooming tree? Crape Myrtles would be a perfect match for you. How about something with an interesting foliage? Our Japanese Maples add a spectacular pop of color with their beautiful leaves. Another great options would be our Redbuds. With a variety of different growth patterns and leaf colors, we're bound to have your perfect match!
Shop our online collection of shrubs from Cross Creek Nursery. Most of our shrubs are locally grown at our Nottoway County Farm. We pride ourselves in growing our plants with great care and attention to detail, providing top notch plants for you! Deliveries come back often from our Farms and other nurseries so check back often for new and exciting products.
Add a splash of color to your garden with our huge selection of perennials, we have both sun and shade perennials that are constantly rotating! Choose from our wide selection of different hostas, heucheras, ferns dianthus to the more hard to find varieties. Most of our perennials are grown locally at our Hanover Farm. Trucks come in weekly during the Growing Season so check back often for new varieties.
Indoor Plants
Add a touch of green to your living space with our tropical foliage section. Over the past few years, houseplants have become super trendy, what's not to love? Not only do they add a fresh pop to your home or office, but they can also help purify the air! Some of the popular air purifying plants that our customers look for are Snake Plants (Sansevieria), a variety of different ferns (we've got plenty), and Philodendrons. Along side our air purifying plants, we have a ton of tropical plants to suit your needs!
Looking for a low growing plant to add some finishing touches to your landscape? Or something to grow in a shady area that grass won't grow in? Ground covers are the perfect solution and we have tons of options!
Looking to add texture to your landscape? Add a few of our grasses to achieve the perfect look! Most grasses provide wonderful Fall color and are hardy and easy to grow and maintain. Our grasses are grown on site at Cross Creek or one of our production farms.