Resources from the Gardening Experts at Cross Creek

The experts at Cross Creek Nursery and Landscaping provide several different gardening resources throughout the year. Our monthly newsletters, periodic blogs, and gardening videos all focus on different gardening and seasonal issues that are directly related to the Richmond area.

The Art of Proper Watering

All plants need water. Although some species are naturally drought tolerant once established, they all need to be properly hydrated in the first year or so after planting. When local gardeners reach out to us for plant problem diagnosis in the heat of summer, the issue is almost always due… Continue Reading…

light yellow beige mutil-flower blooms on long stems and fine foliage

10 Drought Resistant Perennials to Plant this Summer

In soaring summer temperatures and high humidity, it’s vital to provide plenty of water for your newly installed trees, shrubs, and perennials. All plants need water, but some are better adapted to heat and drought. In recent years, a landscaping style called xeriscaping has gained popularity. Xeriscaping is landscape design… Continue Reading…

a blooming yuletide camellia with red flowers and evergreen trees in the background

5 Steps to Building a Garden

Gardening is a creative activity meant to enhance outdoor spaces and nurture the environment. There are no rules for garden design; they can be as simple as a meadow of scattered wildflowers or as complex as a formal French garden. As long as the plants flourish, anything goes. Novice gardeners… Continue Reading…