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The Benefit of Buying Local

Cross Creek Nursery grows many of the annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, and groundcover offered at our nursery locations. Our team of skilled growers raises plants from seed, cuttings, or plugs to supply our nurseries with quality inventory for the community to enjoy.

By growing ourselves locally, we’re able to offer healthy plants acclimated to the central Virginia region. We also have the ability to grow unique crops and supply large quantities to local contractors and businesses.

Product Categories:


Choose From a large variety of plants for local delivery or curbside pickup from Cross Creek Nursery.

Most of our plants grown locally at one of our three production farms. We carry a huge inventory of trees, shrubs, perennials, grasses, groundcover, and tropical plants. Check online to see what’s available before shopping in person or purchase material online. We update our online store with new products every week.

Garden Center Products

Choose From a large variety of garden supplies for local delivery or curbside pickup from Cross Creek Nursery.

From Bagged Goods, to Bulk Materials to Garden Tools and Accessories we have what you need.

Cross Creek Merchandise

Show your love for Cross Creek with our retro inspired sweatshirts and tote bags!

Inspired by our logo from the 1970’s, the design was created by our very talented nursery manager Ally and features a colorful redbud branch!

Gift Cards

Cross Creek gift cards are redeemable for plants and garden center products at the nursery. Gift cards are available in values ranging from $25 up to $500; for other values, call the nursery to purchase a gift card over the phone.

Please note that gift cards cannot be redeemed for services and must be used in-store or over the phone. 

Read More About Our Products:

Our large selection of indoor plants includes not only standard tropical plants, but also rare specimens you won’t find elsewhere like several varieties of carnivorous plants.

You’ll find sizes that range from a few inches to several feet tall. Smaller plants can liven up a windowsill or table while impressive floor plants can transform your room and make a statement. Our trained greenhouse associates will be happy to assist you with choosing the right plant for your home or office.

Cross Creek Nursery grows thousands of annuals each year in our greenhouses.

You can enjoy all your favorite blooms such as Angelonia, Begonia, Calibrachoa, Geraniums, New Guinea Impatiens, Petunias and many more! Look for our 10″ combo coco-lined hanging baskets with multiple varieties of flowering annuals. With proper care, our hanging baskets will provide lasting color to your outdoor space until the first hard frost in fall!

Perennials are a great choice for adding color, texture and dimension to your garden.

We carry hundreds of cultivars of locally grown perennials for sun, part sun and shade. Many perennials will “colonize” (spread) so it’s best to know that before you plant. Talk with one of our trained greenhouse associates and they’ll be happy to help you with suggestions for your garden!

We believe there are few things as satisfying in life as eating fresh, wholesome food straight from the garden. We carry all your favorite vegetable plants and seed packs. Our vegetables are grown locally and delivered weekly. Thinking of starting an organic veggie garden? Talk with one of our greenhouse associates, and we’ll help get you started by choosing the right soil, plant food and plants!

Experience the amazing taste of freshly grown garden herbs. We carry an extensive assortment of locally grown culinary herbs for you to choose from. Herbs are perfectly content in pots if you don’t have a garden. Be sure to start with a good potting mix and keep them in the sun. Most varieties prefer full sun. Our trained greenhouse associates are available to help you with any herb questions you may have.

Grass Seed • Lawn Fertilizers • Pre & Post Emergents • Bagged & Bulk Soils & Compost • Soil Amendments • Plant Food • Animal and Insect Repellents • Fungal Solutions • Espoma & Bonide brand Organic Products • Garden Tools & Gloves • Coco liner by the roll • Seeds & Bulbs • Neptune’s Harvest plant food

With the area’s largest selection of indoor and outdoor containers, we have every shape, size and color you could ask for.

Consult with one of our greenhouse associates to create a look that suits the colors and textures of your décor. Once you’ve chosen the perfect pot and plant, head over to our potting bench to take advantage of our potting service.

We’ve searched across the US for the finest products in a range of prices and styles so we can offer you plenty of choices.

Express yourself and accent your garden with fun and whimsical statuary or find something inspirational. We carry statuary, birdbaths and fountains from the finest brands including Athen’s Stone CastingMichael CarrUnique StoneDavid’s Concrete Innovations and Massarellis.

Bulk Product Prices and Information:

Bagged Mulch Pricing

Natural 1 cu. yd= $28

Dyed Black & Brown 1 cu. yd= $36

*Delivery available with 5 yd. minimum purchase @ $8 per yard.*


Bulk Mulch Pricing

Double Shredded (Brown or Black) Dyed Mulch 1 cu. yd. = $39.99

Double Shredded (natural – no dye) Mulch 1 cu. yd. = $29.99

*Delivery is available on bulk mulch with a 5 yard minimum order. The fee for delivery is $10 per yard.*

Our seasoned firewood is available year-round to help heat your home or use outdoors in the firepit. We offer quantities ranging from a bundle to a full cord.

All firewood is available for local delivery, which includes stacking in the desired location.

Granite Dust

1 cu. yd.= $39.99

1/2 cu. yd.= $23.99


Crush & Run

1 cu. yd.= $39.99

1/2 cu. yd.= $23.99

#57 Gravel

1 cu. yd.= $39.99

1/2 cu. yd.= $23.99


Slate Chips

1 cu. yd.= $61.00

1/2 cu. yd.= $41.99


River Rock

1″-3″ 1 cu. yd.= $110.00

1/2 cu. yd.= $72.00

This is Our Most Popular Seller!
Turf blend is a quality mix of 80% Topsoil blended with 20% organic compost. 

Cost: $35.00 yard 
*Delivery not available.

Sod Piece Dimensions: 2′ x 4.5′ = 9 2 Ft.

Cost: $7.99 per piece


1 Pallet = 60 Pieces

Pickup at Nursery: $379.99

​​Delivered:   $444.99

We carry a premium Tall Fescue blend grown specifically for lawns in Richmond, Midlothian, and throughout the central Virginia region. Sod grown with the regional climate in mind is easier to maintain and treat than other grass blends – that means your turf will look fantastic for years to come.

Sod is available at our nursery locations from early spring until late fall. We recommend installing sod when the temperatures are cooler so the grass can stay moist and root more easily. Freshly installed sod must be kept consistently moist but not soggy for two weeks after installation – we recommend watering for 15 minutes twice a day for best results.

Our sod is cut fresh and arrives to our nursery locations on Thursday afternoons. Sod is available for purchase but we recommend calling ahead and placing a preorder if a large quantity is needed. Preordered sod will be placed ahead for pickup on Thursday afternoons. To place a preorder, call the nursery at 804-378-0700.

Sod comes in each week on Thursday afternoon. Due to high demand, we strongly encourage ordering in advance. You can order by calling our office at 804-378-0700. Orders received prior to Tuesday at 10 AM should be available for pickup or delivery the same week.

Sod is available year round but availability may be affected during extreme heat or cold. Call for an update during these periods. Sod may be delayed due to weather conditions.

We offer wholesale pricing to licensed contractors and businesses. Please fill out our contractor form to register your business and start taking advantage of contractor pricing.

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