Commercial Plant Maintenance

Whether your space is large or small, Cross Creek will create a plant environment that reflects your organization’s mission, character and style.

Cross Creeks talented designers and expert horticulturalists can breathe new life into your indoor spaces with  quality live plants that fit your space and your needs.

Biophilia brings nature inside office buildings, makes for happier workers. Creating lush green interior spaces creates connectivity to nature and helps balance our technology driven society. The right selection of plants can create an atmosphere that can inspire creativity, enhance productivity, while developing a space that promotes  a healthy and relaxing place for employees and visitors alike.  

Fill out the form below to request your consultation. Please include all necessary information. 

Next, you will work with our Commercial Plant Maintenance experts to select plants that best fit your aesthetic preferences and growing conditions. We want you to be proud of the final product, and will work with you to ensure that.

Interior clients  can take advantage of showcasing their office with exterior planters  that welcome everyone walking through your doors. We also have the urban landscaping expertise to transform your building’s entrance, rooftop or patio  into a memorable visual experience.
Want to stand out from the office across the hall or the property next door? Add planters at your door!

After all of the prerequisites are completed, our Commercial Plant Maintenance technicians will visit your business to install, maintain, and refresh your containers. 

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