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Grounds Management Full Service Program

Our Grounds Full Service Program includes: Mowing, Bed Maintenance, Mulching, Offseason, Pruning, and Turf Enhancement Program.

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Leave the dirty work to the professionals! Cross Creek will mow all turf areas a minimum of 32 times a year. All edges will be detailed with an edger every four weeks and string trimmed every visit. Any areas not reachable with a conventional mower will be groomed with a string trimmer.  All turf areas will have leaves, sticks, and other debris removed at each visit.

All beds will be kept free of weeds, leaves, and debris throughout the year. Weeds will be removed by a combination of hand weeding and spraying.

A clean edge will be cut on all beds prior to mulching (tree rings and hard edges included). Dyed brown mulch will be spread evenly with a thickness of 2” throughout all beds and mulch rings. All mulching will take place prior to April 15th.

All leaves/pine tags, sticks, trash, and other debris on property (excluding natural areas) will be cleared bi-weekly from October 15th through January 15th. Properties that do not have natural areas will have piles made and be removed with our vacuum truck.

During the winter months Cross Creek will service the property once every three weeks to clean up and remove any debris in all areas. In addition, all Crape Myrtle, Butterfly Bush, Hydrangea, Liriope, Ornamental grasses and others will be correctly pruned or cut back.

All plants and trees less than 12 feet tall will be pruned at the appropriate time no less than 3 times a year. All plants will be pruned of dead plant material as required. Our team will make note of the ornamental plants in your garden and prune at the appropriate times of year for best growth results.

All turf will have four fertilizer applications throughout the year (3 in the fall and one in the spring) plus two pre-emergent crabgrass applications, one in the early spring and one in late spring. Aeration followed by over-seeding will occur in the fall. One lime application will be applied in the fall. Three post emergent broadleaf treatments will be applied (one each growing season). All treatments applied by a licensed state technician.

Application 1: Pre-Emergent, Post-Emergent, Spring Fertilizer (Liquid Application)

Application 2: Pre-Emergent, Post-Emergent, Spring Fertilizer (Liquid Application)

Application 3: Post-Emergent, Spot Spray (Liquid Application)

Application 4: Lime (Granular)

Application 5: Core aeration, Overseeding, Starter Fertilizer (Granular)

Application 6: Root Building Fertilizer (Granular)

Application 7: Winterizing Fertilizer (Granular)

Other Services Offered:

Garden Maintenance

Includes: Weeding, Mulching, Leaf Removal, Offseason, Plant Care, and Turf Enhancement Program

Turf Care Program

Two Packages Offered: Premiere Package (7 Applications) and Deluxe Package (10 Applications)

NOTE: For the sake of consistency, each property is serviced by the same crew on the same day and time each week (weather permitting) and our account manager makes a monthly visit to ensure quality control. 

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