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How to Overwinter Houseplants

When outdoor temperatures cool and the leaves start to change color, it’s clear that the garden is about to undergo major changes. But as conditions change outside, they also affect your indoor garden: houseplants. Fewer hours of sunlight coupled with… Continue Reading…

Gardening, Tropical Plants

Cross Creek Staff Favorite Houseplants

Nick Orchids Nick is our resident expert on roses, but he also loves blooming houseplants. He appreciate  orchids because they’re an easy plant to care for. Nick explained “I like the houseplants that thrive on neglect . . . for… Continue Reading…

Tropical Plants

All About Philodendrons

The plant family ‘Philodendron’ is named after two Greek words: dendron, meaning tree, and philo, which means love, because many species in the genus cling to the bark of trees and grow upwards along the trunk. While Philodendrons themselves are… Continue Reading…

Tropical Plants

Getting into Houseplants

2020 ought to have been called the year of the houseplant considering the booming popularity of the hobby since the pandemic began. Since more folks have been staying home, many have focused their energy on cultivating indoor jungles they can… Continue Reading…

Gardening, Tropical Plants

Indoor Plants and Their Benefits.

Indoor plants may look like they’re just collecting dust or taking up space, but did you know that they are busy working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? They are working full time to clean the air in your home. Plants… Continue Reading…