Butterfly Bushes: Variety and Care

Botanical Name: Buddleia Offering flowers with a honey-like fragrance, they are rich in nectar. This makes them highly attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds, moths, bees, and other beneficial insects. A wonderful focal point in any landscape. Fourth of July Available in: 3G Size: 5-10′ T x 4-8′ W Bloom Color: White- Purple- Pink Bloom: Summer … Read more

Hollies: Variety and Care

Evergreen Hollies Botanical Name: Ilex Crenata This is a species of plant in the family Aquifoliaceae, native to eastern China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. It is an evergreen shrub used primarly for planting around the foundation of homes. Blue Maid Size: 8-10′ T x 6-8′ W Care: Full Sun/Part Sun Blue Prince Size: 8-10′ T … Read more

Roses: Variety and Care

Botanical Name: Rosaceae Roses truly are the quintessential blooming shrub. You can find them in all sorts of landscapes, from formal gardens to cottage gardens, and everything in between. Their blooms are unmatched and come in an array of different styles and colors. Popcorn Drift Size: 12-18′ T x 18-24′ W Bloom Color: Yellow/Cream Bloom: … Read more

Boxwoods: Variety and Care

One of the most popular evergreen shrubs for landscapes- there are few evergreen shrubs more stately than a trimmed boxwood hedge. In addition to good looks, these are evergreen in winter, as well as deer-resistant and low-maintenance. American Available in: 21-24″ B&B Size: 10′ T x 8′ W Growth: Medium Care: Sun-Shade Baby Gem Available … Read more