Wholesale Quote Requests

We offer quotes at wholesale prices to licensed businesses registered for a wholesale account at Cross Creek Nursery. We do not offer wholesale quotes to retail customers or businesses who have not been registered for a wholesale account. To apply for wholesale pricing, please fill out this form. It may take up to a week to process and approve your wholesale account.

Pricing and plant availability is subject to change. Wholesale quote prices are guaranteed for two weeks from the date of the quote. Submitting a quote does not reserve plant material or any other products; to reserve your product, please call during business hours or visit the nursery to make a purchase.

Please be specific when requesting wholesale pricing. Providing specific cultivars, desired pot sizes, and quantity needed will help us efficiently create a quote for you.

Please allow 2-3 business days to receive a quote. For immediate wholesale pricing, you’re welcome to call during business hours.

This form is meant for businesses who have already registered and been approved for a wholesale account with Cross Creek. Wholesale pricing is not available to retail customers or unregistered businesses. To apply for a wholesale discount, please fill out our Wholesale Application form.
Please be specific and include desired cultivars, pot size, and quantity when requesting plants. Ex: Green Velvet Boxwood/3 Gallon/5.