Toad Abode

June 24th. Join us on the patio at our Midlothian location for our children’s workshop. Sometimes our toad/frog friends need a place to hide and stay cool. Why not give them a cute safe shelter? Children will learn important facts about these cool aquatic creatures and paint a terracotta pot home for them to reside.

Mason Jar Bouquet

June 17th. Join us on the patio at our Midlothian location as the nursery and florist departments team up to show you simple easy ways to arrange cut flowers from your garden in a small mason jar arrangement. You will pick up valuable tips on which flowers to cut and which to leave on the plants. Bring your own flowers and amend them with some from our gardens. If you need gloves or clippers we suggest you bring them along too. No previous skill is needed, just come and have fun.

Drought Tolerant Plants

June 3rd, 11 a.m.

Join Sam B and Ben Lewis on the patio at our Midlothian location to learn about drought tolerant plants! Mix and match shrubs, perennials, and annuals for those hard to reach, sun dry areas that “thirst” for color. Once established these plants will offer interest and depth to your tough spots.