Shipping Policy

We offer shipping throughout the local 48 states. Orders placed on Mondays and Tuesdays will be immediately shipped out. Orders placed on Wednesday – Sunday will be shipped on the following Monday to prevent plants from sitting in shipping warehouses over the weekend. All non-local shipping orders are shipped via UPS ground.

Shipping Rates

Local Delivery made by Cross Creek are charged either $30 or $50 depending on Zip Code. Local Curbside Pickup is also available For Customers in Richmond, VA. All other shipping rates are based on box size of the plant and shipping distance. See the table below for our current shipping prices:

Box SizeZone 1 (MD, NC, WV, VA (non local))Zone 2 (CT, DE, MA, NJ, NY, SC, FL, GA, NH, ME, KY, TN, VT, OH, PA, RI)Zone 3 (AL, MS, MI, LA, TX, OK, IA, IO, WI, MN, AR, IL, MO)Zone 4 (CA, OR, WA, UT, CO, NM, MT, ID, NE, WY, AR, ND, SD, KS)
4x4x8$10 + $4 per item$10 + $5 per item$12 + $5 per item$12 + $6 per item
8x8x30$13 + $7 per item$14 + $8 per item$16 + $7 per item$16 + $8 per item
6x6x12$14 + $7 per item$15 + $8 per item$16 + $8 per item$17 + $9 per item
4x4x22$10 + $5 per item$11 + $5 per item$13 +$5 per item$15 + $6 per item
22x12x6$20 + $7 per item$21 + $7 per item$22 + $8 per item$23 + 9 per item
20x20x36$77 + $20 per item$80 + $20 per item$85 + $21 per item$85 + $23 per item
16x16x20$39 + $10 per item$39 + $10 per item$40 + $10 per item$41 + $10 per item
12x12x40$40 + $12 per item$40 + $12 per item$41 + $13 per item$42 + $14 per item
12x12x22$25 + $7 per item$25 + $8 per item$26 + $8 per item$27 + $9 per item

Refund Policy for Shipped Plants

We choose the healthiest plants available for shipping and work hard to ensure that every plant arrives in healthy condition. However, the shipping process may place stress on your plants due to heat, lack of sun exposure, and other factors. Plants may experience cosmetic changes during the shipping process like wilting, blooms dying, and dryness. In most cases, these changes are cosmetic and the plant will recover when given proper care. We do NOT offer refunds on plants that have experienced these cosmetic changes unless the plant cannot be salvaged. 

We offer refunds on plants that arrive dead or damaged beyond repair due to weather, mishandled packages, or other circumstances. To claim a refund, please reach out to customer support via email and provide photos of the damaged plant(s). Refunds can be issued up to seven (7) days after delivery.