Garden Center Products

Trees Offer More Than You Think

Don’t limit your choices for interest in the garden with just perennials and annuals. We recommend planting trees and shrubs for enduring color and beauty. Trees offer oxygen, food for wildlife, shade, privacy and a safe habitat for birds,

  • A good shade tree can keep your house considerably cooler in summer and save on air conditioning bills.
  • Planting a wind screen like an evergreen tree can keep your home cozy in the winter by blocking fierce winter winds.
  • Trees and shrubs add structure to your landscape and improve the curb appeal of your home. This is especially true for foundation plantings.
  • Fruit and nut trees provide food for your family, as well as food for birds and other wildlife.

The Benefit Of Buying Local

We grow many of our trees and shrubs right here at our growing facility in Nottoway County. What is the benefit of that? You can buy with confidence knowing that much of what you purchase has already been acclimated to our climate because it was cultivated and grown in Virginia’s growing conditions. We stand behind what we grow. We know them, because we grow them.

Tree & Shrub Replacement Policy

The plants you have purchased are among the highest quality and have been carefully maintained and cared for. Should a tree or shrub fail to thrive after using our recommended products, planting and watering guides – we will give you store credit for 100% of the cost during the first year. You must have your receipt at the time of the refund, along with a photo or cutting from the plant. Store credit can be used towards any plant or product we carry.  

This policy does not guarantee replacement of plants that have become damaged or died from circumstances beyond our control, such as weather, improper planting, over or under-watering, insects or winter kill. This is a one time replacement guarantee that covers trees and shrubs only. It does not include annuals, perennials, aquatics or edibles. Due to the extremely low prices for wholesale customers, contractor purchases are not covered.  

Tropical Plants

Our large selection of indoor plants includes not only standard tropical plants, but also rare specimens you won’t find elsewhere like several varieties of carnivorous plants. You’ll find sizes that range from a few inches to several feet tall. Smaller plants can liven up a windowsill or table while impressive floor plants can transform your room and make a statement. Our trained greenhouse associates will be happy to assist you with choosing the right plant for your home or office.

Flowering Annuals

Cross Creek Nursery grows thousands of annuals each year in our greenhouses. You can enjoy all your favorite blooms such as Angelonia, Begonia, Calibrachoa, Geraniums, New Guinea Impatiens, Petunias and many more! Look for our 10″ combo coco-lined hanging baskets with multiple varieties of flowering annuals. With proper care, our hanging baskets will provide lasting color to your outdoor space until the first hard frost in fall!

Locally Grown Perennials

Perennials are a great choice for adding color, texture and dimension to your garden. We carry hundreds of cultivars of locally grown perennials for sun, part sun and shade. Many perennials will “colonize” (spread) so it’s best to know that before you plant. Talk with one of our trained greenhouse associates and they’ll be happy to help you with suggestions for your garden!

Grow Good Food

We believe there are few things as satisfying in life as eating fresh, wholesome food straight from the garden. We carry all your favorite vegetable plants and seed packs. Our vegetables are grown locally and delivered weekly. Thinking of starting an organic veggie garden? Talk with one of our greenhouse associates, and we’ll help get you started by choosing the right soil, plant food and plants!

Culinary Herbs

Experience the amazing taste of freshly grown garden herbs. We carry an extensive assortment of locally grown culinary herbs for you to choose from. Herbs are perfectly content in pots if you don’t have a garden. Be sure to start with a good potting mix and keep them in the sun. Most varieties prefer full sun. Our trained greenhouse associates are available to help you with any herb questions you may have.

Garden & Turf Care

Grass Seed • Lawn Fertilizers • Pre & Post Emergents • Bagged & Bulk Soils & Compost • Soil Amendments • Plant Food • Animal and Insect Repellents • Fungal Solutions • Espoma & Bonide brand Organic Products • Garden Tools & Gloves • Coco liner by the roll • Seeds & Bulbs • Neptune’s Harvest plant food


With the area’s largest selection of indoor and outdoor containers, we have every shape, size and color you could ask for. Consult with one of our greenhouse associates to create a look that suits the colors and textures of your décor. Once you’ve chosen the perfect pot and plant, head over to our potting bench to take advantage of our potting service.


We’ve searched across the US for the finest products in a range of prices and styles so we can offer you plenty of choices. Express yourself and accent your garden with fun and whimsical statuary or find something inspirational. We carry statuary, birdbaths and fountains from the finest brands including Athen’s Stone CastingMichael CarrUnique StoneDavid’s Concrete Innovations and Massarellis.

brown mulch

Hardwood Mulch

Bulk Mulch Pricing: 

Double Shredded (Brown or Black) Dyed Mulch 1 cu. yd. = $39.99

Double Shredded (natural – no dye) Mulch 1 cu. yd. = $29.99

Delivery is available on bulk mulch with a 5 yard minimum order. The fee for delivery is $10 per yard. 

Bagged Mulch:

Dyed BROWN or BLACK = $4.99 per 2 cu. ft. bag
NATURAL = $4.99 per 3 cu. ft. bag

brown firewood

Seasoned Firewood

Our seasoned firewood is available year-round to help heat your home or use outdoors in the firepit. We offer quantities ranging from a bundle to a full cord.

All firewood is available for local delivery, which includes stacking in the desired location.

decorative rock

Rock & Stone

Bulk Stone Pricing:

Granite Dust 1 cu. yd. $39.99 1/2 cu. yd. $23.99
Crush & Run 1 cu. yd. $39.99 1/2 cu. yd. $23.99
#57 Gravel 1 cu. yd. $39.99 1/2 cu. yd. $23.99
Slate Chips 1 cu. yd. $61.00 1/2 cu. yd. $41.99
River Rock 1″-3″ 1 cu. yd. $110.00 1/2 cu. yd. $72.00

Pallet of Sod

Locally Grown Sod

We Carry A Premium Tall Fescue Blend Grown For Our CentraI Virginia Climate

Our Sod is 90% Tall Fescue and 10% Kentucky Blue Grass

Sod per roll = 1.1 sq. yd.  2’x4.5′ = 9 sq. ft  $7.99 per roll    

By the pallet = 60 rolls for pick- up $379.99

Pallet, delivered = $429.99