Preparing the Garden for Spring


Spring Ushers In
Spring is almost here! Although, with how warm this winter has been, it feels like spring never left! Even though it’s still early in the season, it’s time to think about how your lawn and property can look it’s best once winter is in our rear view mirror. Warmer, longer days are right around the corner, and this means a lot is going to change with your landscape very soon. Temperatures are starting to level out and steadily rise which will allow your turf, shrubs, and trees to break dormancy and begin to grow again. 

Wind Damage
You may have already noticed that your shrubs and trees have begun to push out new growth. With occasional freezing temperatures at night, it is recommended to cover any vulnerable shrubbery.Covering fragile plants will help protect the new growth and buds from freezing. This winter has been a roller coaster of different temperatures, from the teens at night to the high 60’s even 70’s during the day! This huge fluctuation in temperature in such a short amount of time can really throw your landscape for a loop. When temperatures are very cold, plants become dormant and do not grow. When temperatures rise they break dormancy and enter a chilling stage. This is a period of time for the plant to adjust to warmer weather and begin to put out new growth. A freeze during this period will require plants to be covered to prevent damage. If you notice any browning with Holly tree leaves or Arborvitaes, this is from wind damage and very cold temperatures. We have seen this frequently in Emerald Green Arborvitaes this winter. Do not worry, warmer temperatures in spring will help the color come back and encourage new growth. 

Be On The Lookout For Pests
Keep an eye out for any signs of insects on your shrubs as the weather warms up. Most insects will begin to emerge and will be targeting shrubs and trees with full force. Let us know if you’re suspecting any issues. Most problems can be treated easily with horticultural oil or pesticides.

Weed seeds come from mature weed plants. As they come to the end of their life cycle, these plants produce seeds that fall into the soil and become dormant in the winter. Once spring rolls around, the seeds are ready to germinate. Soon, you may be seeing weeds in your landscaping, because they’re remarkably persistent and can grow just about anywhere. This is one of the most important time periods to set the tone for the growing season ahead. Consider a farmer who grows corn and wants the highest yield possible from his crop during the harvest. He doesn’t wait until Spring to get started. Planning ahead is critical to success. Pre-emergent weed controls are necessary to help control weeds in the upcoming months. Fertilizing now will increase your lawn’s vigor and green color. The combination of both will ensure that the only plant in your yard is fescue grass.

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