Winter Design Planning

Winter is a great time to plan your garden renovations.

  As I look out of the window today snow blankets the ground and the temperature seems to be dropping as the day goes on.  It surely is not gardening season.  Or is it?  I remind myself Spring is only a month away and now is when I should start planning the additions for my yard so I can take full advantage as soon as the spring sun shines again.  

While you may not feel much like getting out and digging holes right now, you should be thinking of what projects are coming up.  Are you ready to put in that patio you have been thinking about?  Or is time for your house to get a facelift with new foundation plantings?  Whatever the project is,  it’s time to get a design and plan together so you can tackle them a s soon as  the weather permits.  If you are considering hiring a designer call today.  This is the season where we can spend a little more time with you and get ideas on paper quickly.   After designing for many years, the one thing I hear over and over is… “I wish I had called sooner”.  Often these words are spoken by a customer who calls mid spring and realizes their project can’t begin until mid summer due to a full schedule.  So, feel free to start dreaming and imagine the snow gone and the daffodils blooming. It’s right around the corner you know!

If you are ready to get your project started contact Cross Creek today.  We look forward to meeting you and making your outdoor dreams come true.  While we can’t make spring come any sooner, we can make sure you are ready when it does.

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